Documents claim Yair Netanyahu has NIS 1m in bank

Publication Date26 Aug 2021
AuthorAvishai Greenzweig
Yair Netanyahu signed the affidavit, even though there are claims that he has substantially more than the NIS 250,000 compensation he needs to pay, in addition to court costs of NIS 30,000.

Yair Netanyahu strenuously denies these reports. When asked by "Globes" if his affidavit is false due to the fact that he has amounts of money that are substantially higher than the debt owed due to the court ruling, a spokesperson for him said, "The 'information' that was published is not correct. Your obsessive preoccupation with Yair Netanyahu, who is a private individual, is a blatant violation of the Law to Protect Privacy."

Netanyahu's claim that the 'information' is not correct is currently being scrutinized. Alkalay has submitted a response to the district court to Netanyahu's application to delay implementation of the court ruling and request that it be dismissed. From the response, it can be seen that Alkalay has opened a debt collection order, according to which Netanyahu has a number of accounts with a total of NIS 1,057,000. Alkalay's response says, "In one current account, there is more than NIS 100,000; in another current account in the same branch, there is more than NIS 500,000; and in a third account there is about NIS 80,000 and in deposits in the same branch there is about NIS 350,000."

Alkalay claims through Advs. Ron Lowenthal and Ilit Gilad, "Netayahu allows himself to virtually 'volunteer' at his current job at 'Radio Galey Israel' in that on the one hand he publishes on social media regular interview programs on that radio station, and on the other hand allows himself to earn for seven months work just NIS 7,500, a privilege not available to somebody who claims that his economic situation is so shaky."

In an appendix attached to Alkalay's response it says that Galey Israel paid Netanyahu NIS 7,500 between July and December 2020. Shurat Hadin - Israel Law Center paid him NIS 30,000 for his work between May and December 2018. In addition, a payment of NIS 6,000 was recorded in favor of Netanyahu from the Trans Global Travel travel agency for work during just one month of 2018."

Together with an appeal against the court ruling, Netanyahu filed an application to postpone it in which he attempts to persuade how critical it is to delay the compensation payment until his appeal is ruled on. "The balance of the damage is 100% against me and clearly the damage that would be caused me if implementation of the decision is not delayed is...

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