Day 8 turns agricultural waste into protein

Published date09 June 2024
AuthorEla Levi-Weinrib
Publication titleGlobes (Rishon LeZion, Israel)
Day 8, located in Strauss Group's The Kitchen food-tech incubator, received from it a pre-seed investment of NIS 2.5 million, and is currently set to embark on a pilot project. "This year has been a catastrophe for farmers because of the war, so anything that can increase profitability is of interest to them. Every agricultural body we talked to expressed interest."

The alternative protein market is worth an estimated at $18 billion annually and global demand for protein-rich food has been on the rise in recent years. Day 8 makes the protein from various fruits and vegetables but still has a way to go. "Our aims this year have been to develop the technology, register patents and achieve industrial production," says Rejzner. "Currently the company has more than 20 potential customers, food producers who are just waiting for the product. We have been able to extract protein from all kinds of crops, it works well, and when we complete all of this we will be ready for the next stage - a pilot project for industrial production. The goal is to launch a product on the market in two years."

If the pilot is successful and the company moves to the industrial production stage, its product could revolutionize the food market. "When the product is on the market, it will be sold to food manufacturers, who will incorporate it into their products. For example, today there are all the protein products that are very popular, such as yogurts and shakes, protein powders and protein bars. This is a hot field. The protein that is used today is a byproduct of the dairy industry, and we can replace it with what we extract from the leaves."

Another dramatic change that the protein is expected to bring about at food manufacturers is the reduction in the use of eggs. "Eggs are a headache in food factories," explains Rejzner. "There is a fear of salmonella, it needs to be refrigerated, and there are food safety issues. If there is a protein powder to replace eggs, the food industry will be happy. Our alternative is both vegan and non-allergenic."

Day 8 also aims to impact the meat and milk alternatives market - another fast growing market. "What is most successful in this market today is the drinks - soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, etc., but all these drinks are not suitable for whipping. Our protein foams very well, and it also has no taste."

"To do something with significance"

Rejzner (47) is completely immersed in the green venture and it is hard to believe...

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