British prosecution drops charges against 'rape the Jews' daughters' convoy

Published date22 November 2022
Publication titleJerusalem Post, The: Web Edition Articles (Israel)
Mohammed Iftikhar Hanif and Jawaad Hussain were charged, but the CPS has decided that after reviewing the evidence there is "no longer a realistic prospect of either defendant being convicted," according to The Jewish Chronicle. Charges against two other men who were involved in the antisemitic convoy were dropped last July

Jewish Organizations demand explanations

The Campaign Against Antisemitism has demanded the resignation of the CPS Chief and announced that it is exploring legal options.

In an official statement, The CAA has described the convoy in the following manner: "As fighting flared in Gaza, a convoy waving the flag of the Palestinian Authority set off from the north of England, heading into London. Men in one of the cars shouted from a megaphone: "F*** the Jews…f*** all of them. F*** their mothers, f*** their daughters, and show your support for Palestine."

"The speaker went on to call listeners to "Rape their [the Jews'] daughters". The incident took place a very short distance from a synagogue."

The CPS has dropped all charges over the notorious convoy

"@MaxHillKC must immediately explain this decision or resign…We are exploring whether we can bring a private prosecution and…whether we could bring a judicial review against @CPSUK."

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— Campaign Against Antisemitism (@antisemitism) November 18, 2022

A spokesperson for the CAA said: "The Director of Public Prosecutions must immediately explain this decision or resign. If the CPS is incapable of bringing to justice the people who drove through London in broad daylight on camera calling for the rape of Jewish women and girls, then it has reached the absolute pinnacle of pointlessness.

"This was a crime that sent Jewish families running in fear and caused the...

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