Apostille Certification

Author:Ms Caroline Walsh
Profession:CWalsh Law Offices

If you are abroad and need to have your signature on a document witnessed for use in Israel or you have an official document such as a birth or death certificate which needs to be validated for use in Israel, there are two options:

to have the document or your signature validated by the local Israeli consulate to use a local notary and then to have the document legalised by Apostille certification. The Apostille is a form of international document verification recognised by those countries who are signatories to the relevant Hague Convention dating from 1961. Such countries include the UK, Israel, Australia and the USA.

Legalisation by Apostille involves the appropriate authority in your country attaching a certificate to a public document which contains the following information:

the name of country from which the document emanates; the name of person signing the document and the capacity in which they are signing; in the case of unsigned documents, the name of the authority which has...

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