Apartments sold and rented

Published date02 October 2022
Publication titleGlobes (Rishon LeZion, Israel)
Jerusalem and environs

Jerusalem: A 200 square meter, 6.5-room, five-room, third floor penthouse apartment with seven and 20 square meter balconies on Zvi Gratz Street in the German Colony was sold for NIS 11.6 million.

Mevaseret Zion: A 162 square meter, four-room, terraced house with a six square meter balcony and 17 square meter storage room and parking on Mevo Na'ama was sold for NIS 3.5 million.

Tel Aviv and central region

Tel Aviv: A 50 square meter, two-room, third floor apartment with no elevator and no parking on Korazim Street in Neve Sharet was sold for NIS 2.6 million (Brill Capital).

Rishon Lezion: A 70 square meter, three-room, ground floor apartment on Ein Hakore Street was sold for NIS 1.63 million. A 72 square meter, three-room, fourth floor apartment on with an elevator on Yerushalayim Street was sold for NIS 1.83 million (RE/MAX - Center). A 80 square meter, three-room, second floor apartment on Amazleg Street was sold for NIS 1.8 million (Anglo-Saxon).

Rehovot: A 60 square meter, three-room, second floor apartment with a 7 square meter balcony, elevator and parking on Laskov Street was sold for NIS 1.91 million. A 91 square meter, four-room, semi-detached house on a 380 square meter lot with no parking on Amos Danieli Street was sold for NIS 3.85 million. A 100 square meter, four-room, 22nd floor apartment with a balcony, storage room, elevator and parking on Hacarmel Street was sold for NIS 3.3 million. A 94 square meter, four-room, fourth floor apartment with an elevator and parking but not registered in the land registry on Yaakobi Street was sold for NIS 1.74 million (Anglo-Saxon).


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