Agtech: Why Israel Makes Sense

If you think about fertile land for agricultural development, Israel probably doesn't immediately come to mind. But perhaps it should. Despite a desert climate and the relative youth of the country, Israel's technological development has created a boom in agricultural innovation, with technology that helps farmers and companies develop healthier, higher-quality foods. With the challenges facing the world's farming and crops markets, this tiny country provides a wealth of opportunity moving into the future of agriculture.

Addressing Agricultural Challenges Agriculture today needs technology to succeed. Climate change is creating growing uncertainty in how and where plants will continue to grow well, and natural resources are diminishing over time. On the other hand, the world population continues to grow. This means that, absent technological solutions, the farms of the world will struggle to keep up with demand in the decades to come. To address these concerns, technological developers must lead the way. Irrigation techniques continue to advance, reducing further the dependence on natural water supplies near farms. Bioengineering strategies are also emerging. Farmers today can scientifically approach crops to make them healthier and increase their overall quality in safe, effective ways.

Why Israel Makes Sense In its sixty-eight years of existence, Israel has had to create and use technologies to grow crops. An arid desert climate requires engineering to...

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