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  • Beit Lessin Theater in Tel Aviv premieres 'First in the Selection'

    At Beit Lessin Theater in Tel Aviv, the premiere performance of "First in the Selection" was held on Wednesday evening. The play, which was presented as part of the closing night of the French Theater Festival, was directed by the festival's creator – director, producer, screenwriter and French-Jewish actor Steve Suissa.

  • Israeli bookstores remove Sally Rooney's books over boycott

    Israel's two major bookstore chains, Steimatzky and Tzomet Sefarim, will stop selling Sally Rooney's books, the two announced on Thursday.

  • COVID and social challenges conference hosted by Latet

    Latet's first-ever "Road to Resilience" conference aimed at mitigating the social crises that resulted from COVID-19 was held on Thursday.

  • Breastfeeding: Dealing with separation

    No matter what the reason you stopped breastfeeding and are experiencing the sadness of parting from this special time with your baby, here are some important things you should read in the moments when it hurts.

  • COVID-19 vaccine for kids like Hitler Youth, child predators - pundit

    Conservative political commentator Candace Ownes slammed the recent push in the US to vaccinate children aged five-11 against COVID-19 as being "sinister" and compared it to child predators and Nazi and Soviet youth programs.

  • Israeli company snaps photos of vital signs for better health

    Vital signs offer medical professionals the first indication of our health. Measuring them is essential to assess a person's wellbeing, hint if an individual might be suffering from an underlying disease and determine if a treatment that the person might be receiving is effective.

  • Over 20 arrested during Ahuvia Sandak protests

    Haredi protesters clashed with Israel Police at the Bridge of Strings in Jerusalem over last year's death of Ahuvia Sandak on Saturday night, with approximately 500 people at the scene.

  • Meteor impacts Ensisheim 529 years ago in oldest recorded impact

    November 7, 2021 marks 529 years since the commonly accepted date a heavy stony meteorite crashed into modern-day France in what is one of the oldest known meteorite impacts on Earth in recorded history.

  • NASA SpaceX Endeavour broken toilets forces astronauts to use diapers

    NASA's SpaceX Crew-2 mission is set to make its return this week after it detaches from the International Space Station, but its crew will be experiencing some discomfort.

  • Chessmaster Garry Kasparov talks masterclass, Israel, Queen's Gambit

    Garry Kasparov is widely considered history's greatest chess player. In a recent wide-ranging interview with the Syrian-born American journalist Hayvi Bouzo and Benjamin Weinthal, Kasparov covered his new chess masterclass series, The Queen's Gambit Netflix series, Israel and power politics across the Middle East and in Russia. These are edited extracts of that interview.

  • China has the world's largest navy, third-largest air force - report

    The Chinese navy is the largest maritime force on Earth, boasting a total of 355 vessels, the US Defense Department revealed in a recent report released Wednesday.

  • How Israel can get to net-zero by 2030 - comment

    GLASGOW – Fresh off his budget victory in the Knesset, will Prime Minister Naftali Bennett now roll up his sleeves on climate change and dig into the details he outlined last week at the UN Climate Conference? He promised as much to Israeli teens Alma Pomagrin, 15, and Lia Lev, 16, activists from the Strike4Climate group who traveled to Glasgow last week to hand the prime minister a letter from...

  • The world needs Pnina Gewirtz Schacter's teaching

    How many of us can say that we believe in the importance of God as much as we believe in the goodness of people?

  • COP26: Saving the planet in Glasgow from climate change

    GLASGOW – Although a lot of positive things happened for Israelis at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow this week, the biggest headline in Israel was probably that Energy Minister Karin Elharrar could not get into the event.

  • Climate Change: What are fossil fuels, and how do they harm the planet?

    Fossil fuels are the most commonly used form of energy in the world. However, they have come under increased scrutiny in recent years, amid growing awareness of climate change, pollution and renewable energy.

  • No one is 'excluding' advocates for American-style liberal Judaism - opinion

    In a recent op-ed in these pages ("Revivi is not alone," October 29), Conservative Rabbi Yizhar Hess wrote – as he often does, using similar language – that "Orthodox leaders ostracize the Reform and Conservative streams of Judaism." It is long overdue that we put this myth to rest. As an American rabbi who has followed the collapse of the liberal movements on these shores, I...

  • #SadSadIsrael: Israelis mock gloomy depictions of Israel with satirical posts

    Israelis are mocking gloomy representations of their country online by juxtaposing cheerful pictures and stories of themselves with the hashtag #SadSadIsrael this week.

  • Which Israel educator are you?

    Our Sages teach (Taanit 23a) that halfway through Adar rain had not yet fallen. The people send a message to Honi Ha'Meagel (Honi the Roof Thatcher), asking that he pray for rain, which he does but to no avail. He then draws a circle and stands within it, beseeching God to open the skies, even stating that he would not leave his circle until God did so.

  • Two men injured in Tel Aviv violence

    A 30-year-old man and a 40-year-old man were injured in a violent incident in Tel Aviv on Saturday night.

  • Microbes may have lived underground for just a billion years - study

    Microbes, or organisms that are too small to be seen without using a microscope, have lived in deep-earth formations for only a billion years – at the lower end of previous scientific estimates – according to a new study published on Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) scientific journal.

  • Soldier awarded certificate for promoting unit, IDF on TikTok

    St.-Sgt. Yael Deri, a Military Police officer, received a unique certificate of appreciation on Tuesday for promoting Israel and the IDF to over 1.7 million followers on the popular video-sharing social media platform TikTok, Kan reported.

  • 83 years after Kristallnacht, antisemitism is again rising - opinion

    All over the Western world, Jews are experiencing a resurgence of antisemitism. Synagogue doors are being reinforced, Jewish businesses are being attacked, Jewish monuments have been defaced. People are careful not to wear anything that can identify them as Jews, and those who do are in danger of verbal or even physical attack. It's happening all over Europe as well as the US.

  • Global powers could suffer financially in the move away from fossil fuels - study

    For years, the choice to move away from fossil fuels has been a costly one, causing many countries to delay implementing environmental policies and leaving others to pick up the tab. A recent study by the universities of Exeter, Cambridge, the Open University and Cambridge Econometrics shows that this is no longer the case. There is much to be gained from a shift toward renewable energy,...

  • Coronavirus in Israel: 556 new cases, 177 in serious condition

    556 new cases of the novel coronavirus were reported in Israel on Friday, with 177 patients in serious condition, according to a Saturday evening update from the Health Ministry.

  • Bennett: There's no room in Jerusalem for a US consulate for Palestinians

    Israel has told the Biden administration that it is opposed to any plan to reopen the US consulate-general that services the Palestinians in Jerusalem because the city is the undivided capital of the Jewish state, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told reporters on Saturday night.

  • Israeli Navy discovers suspicious object in Red Sea

    During a routine operation in the Red Sea area, Israeli Navy soldiers identified a suspicious object in the sea hundreds of feet from shore, the IDF tweeted on Saturday.

  • Eleven people killed in road accidents over the weekend in Israel

    Multiple people have been killed in traffic accidents over the past weekend in Israel, with two of the accidents taking place on Highway 60.

  • Bennett, Lapid, Liberman to hold joint press conference

    Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman will hold a joint press conference in Jerusalem on Saturday evening.

  • Grapevine November 6, 2021: Missed the bus?

    Nonresidents of Tel Aviv, who haven't traversed the once-familiar streets of the "city that never sleeps" in more than a year, will be surprised by the many changes. The volume of construction, with property developers of tall towers competing with each other in height in an ambition to reach the sky, whole streets of apartment blocks revamped and many streets blocked off as...

  • Moses Staff hacker group hacks tax consulting companies - report

    The Moses Staff hacker group announced that they hacked Israeli tax consulting companies, Maariv reported.

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