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  • News from Abroad: Israel PTO Proposes to Stop Rejecting Divisional Applications for "Overlap" with Parent Cases

    Many patent practitioners will never have need to file a patent application in Israel, a country of nine million people that's geographically smaller than New Jersey.  But if you're one of those practitioners who does file in Israel from time to time -- and I suspect that readers of Patent Docs file in Israel at a higher rate than the general practitioner population -- you'll be pleased to know that the Israel PTO (ILPTO) recently proposed a change in patent examination practice that portends relief for beleaguered applicants:  the ILPTO plans to tighten the criteria for rejecting claims of an applicant's application for "overlap" with the claims of another of the applicant's applications (or granted patents).  The upshot will be that the ILPTO will no longer make such rejections in the case of divisional applications on the basis of the claims of an ancestor application.

  • Investment Management 2.0 – Internet Platform for Investment Management

    Last week the Israel Securities Authority published a directive on “Investment Management 2.0”.    Investment Management 2.0 is effectively a service model for internet investment management operated through investment in mutual funds. Through this service, companies that hold an investment management license and that market investments may offer their clients investment management and marketing services…

  • New Standards in Cyber Protection for Companies in the Government, Infrastructure, and Finance Sectors

    The Governmental Cyber Security Unit has published a new directive according to which material service providers to government, infrastructure, and finance bodies will be required to adopt a common and unified standard for cyber protection, with the goal of improving the security of the State’s essential IT and infrastructure systems. This directive expands the existing instructions of various regulators, such as the Supervisor of Bank and the Supervisor of Capital Market, Insurance and Savings, regarding the cyber security requirements for the supervised entities’ entry into contractual agreements with third party service providers.

  • Amending Protocol to Israel-UK Tax Treaty to Take Effect in Early January 2020

    An amending protocol to the 1962 Israel-UK tax treaty is effective as of January 1, 2020.
 The protocol includes a long list of significant and fundamental amendments and updates to the treaty, among them...

  • Is It Necessary to Send a Demand Letter a Defendant Prior to Filing a Class Action Suit?

    It is not every day a judgment on class action suits is handed down by an extended panel of Supreme Court justices. And yet, in December 2019, an expanded panel of seven Supreme Court justices, headed by the Honorable chief justice Esther Hayut, published a precedential and important decision considering the issue of whether a party seeking to file a class action suit against a government agency must send a demand letter to the agency in advance of filing. The answer to this question carries much weight in all aspects of the conditions for filing class action suits against private businesses as well, such as class action suits in consumer matters, causes of action flowing from possession of securities, and a variety of other issues.

  • Israel-Australia Double Taxation Treaty Enters into Force on January 1, 2020

    Further to our April 2019 update on the signing of a double taxation treaty between Israel and Australia, the Minister of Finance signed in December 2019 the order bringing the treaty into effect on January 1, 2020.

  • Good Night 2019!

    It has certainly been an interesting 2019 in the Israeli Hi-Tech space, here is a rundown of 10 highlights, in case you missed them...

  • Latest Developments in the Israeli Payments Market

    The Bank of Israel recently led several important developments in the Israeli payments market. These developments are designed to encourage competition in the payment services market and to advance the implementation of innovative technologies.

  • IPO – What’s Important to Know

    A private company considering an initial public offering (IPO), and thus in effect becoming public, should know it is a complex and long process, and one that may pose many challenges.

  • Modifications to an Apartment at the Purchaser's Request Do Not Constitute Just Cause for Late Delivery of Possession

    A recent judgment by the Hadera Magistrate’s Court upends the common view currently reflected in agreements for the purchase of an apartment from a developer. The ruling holds that modifications to an apartment made at a purchaser’s request do not constitute just cause for late delivery and that the purchaser must be compensated for any delay.

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