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  • Modifications to an Apartment at the Purchaser's Request Do Not Constitute Just Cause for Late Delivery of Possession

    A recent judgment by the Hadera Magistrate’s Court upends the common view currently reflected in agreements for the purchase of an apartment from a developer. The ruling holds that modifications to an apartment made at a purchaser’s request do not constitute just cause for late delivery and that the purchaser must be compensated for any delay.

  • What You Should Know before Launching a Website or App

    When a company is looking to start operating online via a website or an app, it must ensure its relationship with its users is defined not only from a marketing point of view but also from a legal perspective.

  • The Companies Registrar Rears Its Head – Financial Sanctions for Failing to File Reports

    In the past, when companies failed to submit annual reports, the Companies Registrar was satisfied with issuing warning letters. However, recently, we have noticed a change in policy, as the Companies Registrar has increased enforcement efforts, imposing fines amounting to a few thousand shekels on companies that do not comply with the requirements.

  • Addressing 'Deep Fake' Scans Is Critical Amid Tech Advances

    Report on Patient Privacy Volume 19, Number 11. November 2019 - “Deep fake” radiology scans - with altered results falsely showing either fake cancerous nodes or a clear scan where the patient actually has cancer - are poised to spread, Israeli researchers warn, and health care entities need to take steps to guard against attacks, along with teaching providers to recognize signs that a scan has been altered.

  • IVC Research Center and ZAG/Sullivan Q3/2019 Israeli High-Tech Capital Raising Report - Israeli High-Tech Companies Raised $2.24 Billion in 142 Deals in Q3/2019

    Tel Aviv, Israel. Israeli high-tech companies raised $2.24 billion in the third quarter of 2019, the highest quarterly amount since 2013. While the amount raised in Q3 kept pace with amounts raised in Q2/2019, deal numbers increased compared to the previous quarter (128 deals) and Q3/2018 (119 deals).

  • Israel steps on the gas in the autotech race

    Despite not being an automotive hub historically, Israel has emerged as a hotbed of innovation for the industry. The convergence of technology with other sectors has been the driving force behind much of Israel’s tech boom in the past decade. And in 2017, Intel’s acquisition of Mobileye, a developer of ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems), for US$15 billion thrust Israel’s automotive technology (autotech) industry firmly into the spotlight.

  • Politics at Workplace

    The election for the 22nd Knesset will be held on September 17, 2019. This is the first time in Israel’s political history that two elections for the Knesset will take place in the same year.
 Election Day is a statutory holiday. An employee who has worked at least 14 consecutive days prior to Election Day for the same employer or at the same workplace is entitled to wages for Election Day.

  • Israel Securities Authority Working to Launch Securitization Market in Israel

    The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) recently published an advisory document for public comment ahead of the publication of a legal memorandum for the regulation of the securitization field in Israel.

  • Initiative to Increase Population Density in Residences

    The National Committee for Planning and Construction has approved the Planning Administration’s initiative to amend the provisions of TAMA 35. The planned amendment will update the calculation method for the level of population density, from the number of residential units per square kilometer to the number of persons per square kilometer.

  • Supreme Court Dismisses Nespresso Suit against Espresso Club

    The Supreme Court recently dismissed an appeal by Nestlé, the Swiss multinational food and drink processing conglomerate, and its subsidiary corporation Nespresso, filed against our client, the Israeli company Expresso Club. The appeal claimed copyright and trademark infringement, unfair competition, and damage to Nespresso’s reputation.

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