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  • Israel Securities Authority Working to Launch Securitization Market in Israel

    The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) recently published an advisory document for public comment ahead of the publication of a legal memorandum for the regulation of the securitization field in Israel.

  • Politics at Workplace

    The election for the 22nd Knesset will be held on September 17, 2019. This is the first time in Israel’s political history that two elections for the Knesset will take place in the same year.
 Election Day is a statutory holiday. An employee who has worked at least 14 consecutive days prior to Election Day for the same employer or at the same workplace is entitled to wages for Election Day.

  • Initiative to Increase Population Density in Residences

    The National Committee for Planning and Construction has approved the Planning Administration’s initiative to amend the provisions of TAMA 35. The planned amendment will update the calculation method for the level of population density, from the number of residential units per square kilometer to the number of persons per square kilometer.

  • Supreme Court Dismisses Nespresso Suit against Espresso Club

    The Supreme Court recently dismissed an appeal by Nestlé, the Swiss multinational food and drink processing conglomerate, and its subsidiary corporation Nespresso, filed against our client, the Israeli company Expresso Club. The appeal claimed copyright and trademark infringement, unfair competition, and damage to Nespresso’s reputation.

  • The Gap between Increasing the Agricultural Value Chain and Regulation

    There is no dispute as to the national importance of agriculture. Over many decades, agriculture has been synonymous with “settlement,” “pioneering,” and “Zionism.” Jewish immigrants arrived from all corners of the diaspora, settled, worked the land, and made the wilderness flower. Indeed, continuously since then, Israeli farmers have won international recognition and Israeli agriculture has become renowned around the world.

  • The High Court of Justice's Policy on Workplace Sexual Harassment in Israel

    The National Israeli Labor Court is an independent tribunal and thus only rarely does the High Court of Justice (HCJ) intervene in its decisions. Recently, in an unusual move, the HCJ twice reversed the rulings of the National Labor Court. In both cases as part of its policy to eliminate the phenomenon of workplace sexual harassment.

  • Entities with Relatively Small Market Shares May Also Be Deemed Monopolies

    Six months after the amendment to the Economic Competition Law took effect, the Competition Authority published its position regarding the circumstances in which even an entity with less than a 50% market share may be deemed a “monopoly holder.”

  • Israel’s M&A market set for continued growth

    Year after year, Israel’s M&A market continues to flourish, setting new records for value in every year since 2016. In 2018 the country set a new record, logging over USD25 billion over 100 deals.

  • New Restrictions on Hedge Funds in Israel

    The Israel Securities Authority recently published a staff position that has material implications on the hedge fund sector in Israel and on the investor public.
 This position was issued against the backdrop of a judgment handed down by the Tel Aviv District Court in the Integral Fund case – a hedge fund that caused heavy losses to the hundreds of investors who invested in it. In this case, the court ruled that the provisions of the Joint Investment Trust Law apply to the fund and therefore Integral Fund breached the regulatory obligations that apply to it.

  • Dramatic Decision on the Taxation of Trusts in Israel

    The Tel Aviv District Court handed down a decision a few days ago rejecting the Israel Tax Authority’s (ITA) position on the conveyance of real estate properties to trusts. This decision dramatically changes the taxation of trusts in Israel.

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