Police to Probe Marzel for Incitement to Violence


The State Attorney's Office has instructed police to launch an investigation against Baruch Marzel for allegedly inciting to violence by calling for "something to be done" against the initiators of the Geneva Accord. Talia Sasson, an official in the office, informed Shinui MK Reshef Cheyne of the decision in response to a complaint he filed to the attorney-general office against Marzel, a... (see full summary)


Cheyne based his complaint on a news report of a speech Marzel gave at a gathering with political activists in December.

According to a publication on Ynet, Marzel allegedly said: "The time has come for someone to do something. [Yossi] Beilin and all of the Geneva criminals should be pursued. They are traitors... and should be chased down individually." He allegedly added: "They are traitors, foreign agents and the halachic ruling of the rabbis should be adopted." Marzel told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday that he had "certainly" called for the "pursuit of the Geneva criminals and Beilin," as he did against the Oslo criminals.

He also said that Sasson should be opening an investigation instead against the Geneva criminals for their "act of betrayal." Marzel added that Sasson would not succeed in "shutting his mouth." He said he learned he...

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